Lost da bank keys

“Rastamouse, ya worked it out, now lemme fess up, please.
Mi done all dis cos me so ashamed dat me gone an’ lost da bank keys.”
CBeebies dis mornin’ at 9.10am

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"Rastamouse, mi glad you came, mi have a musical emergency. Oscar Paw's piano nah arrive at da Museum. Dere's been a problem wid da delivery. Lil Patch put his piano 'pon her ship to bring it safe ta Grovetown But when Fats go ta pick it up it gone! An him look all around!!"

Fifty P

“Yo, mi name Fifty P and welcome to my crib!”
Check me out on Mousland TV Cribs at 9.10 and 2.10 today – CBeebies

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Oh Easy Crew tank goodness ya here, Mi need ya help a plenty. Mi went along to mi study jus' now An all mi books shelves dem is empty.